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News of 2013

22, 23 & 24 November 2013

ROOM ART FAIR Exhibition. 2013 Edition. RAF #3.


Espai Cavallers Art Gallery. Lleida.

Praktik Metropol Hotel, Madrid. Room 203.



21 November 2013

Collective Exhibition "Lleida Colours", managed by 
Espai Cavallers Art Gallery. Lleida.

Cuina room, Cultural Centre Les Monges in Seu D'Urgell (Lleida).


20 November 2013

Prize of Real Academy of Fine Arts Santa Isabel de Hungría. Pinelo Palace. Sevilla.


5 October 2013

1st Prize of the Plein Air Contest in Alfarràs (Lleida).


21 September 2013

Honourable Mention in the Plein Air Contest of Tudela (Navarra).


20 July 2013

1st Prize in the Painting Contest 
"Ciudad de Calahorra" (La Rioja).


From the 1st June to 20th July 2013

Collective Exhibition in Espai G d'Art showroom in Terrassa (Barcelona).


From the 11th to 13th September 2013

Collective exhibition "Spring colours, Summer colours". Espai Cavallers Art Gallery in Lleida.


31 May 2013

2nd Prize of the 5th Nacional Painting Contest "Ramon Portillo". Ciudad de Motril 2013 (Granada).


3 May 2013

Inaguration of "Living my life like you" collective exhibition. Collage showroom in Lleida.


1 March 2013

Collective exhibition "Maternity. Female gaze". Espai Cavallers showroom in Lleida.


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